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In ancient Asia centuries ago a sought after life pursuit was gaining longevity. Longevity was promoted thru "Right Exercise, Right Eating, Right Thinking, Right Actions," and generally balancing the body not only by eating particular foods suitable for the condition and constitution of the individual but by using herbs, taking sufficient water, having good elimination, and using T'ui-na (a hands-on therapy similar to Shiatsu) and employing Traditional Acupuncture.

Facial Acupuncture initially was a side product of a general body treatment. Today it is utilized as a full protocol for non-invasive Facial Rejuvenation, a 'facelift' without going under the knife. All meridians or energy channels pass thru the face. Needling activates not only the immediate site but areas distal. Besides producing a 'natural facial glow', benefits of Facial Acupuncture are excellent for conditions such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint), Bell's Palsy, and Facial Tics (TD or tardive dyskinesia).

About one-third of all adults experience TMJ sometime in their life. It is a disorder of the jaw and surrounding facial muscles of the jaw joint that control chewing and jaw movement. The temporomandibular joint is hung like a hinge on a door as it connects your jaw to your skull, with a point on either side of the jaw. Muscle controlling the jaw can become affected by various muscular strain, cramping, repetitive motions, and trauma. Grinding one's teeth or teeth clenching, are common off-shoots of TMJ disorder, as well as jaw pain, tenderness in the face, jaw area, neck, even shoulders, and around an ear, can become painful. Clicking, popping, or grating sounds in the jaw may be heard, while closing the mouth may become difficult. Myofascial pain is characterized by localized hypersensitive spots - taut muscle fibers.

Traditional Acupuncture uses needling sites which include the points at the jaw hinge and lines following the facial contour. Meridians passing thru affected areas are the Small Intestines, Triple Warmer, Stomach, Large Intestines, and Gall Bladder. In addition, there are distal points in the hands and arms or feet and legs to each of those Meridians that may also be utilized in treatment. Relief in most cases I have worked with is almost instantaneous. There is markedly reduced pain, swelling, cramping, to the total absence of any symptoms. A treatment's effect may last indefinitely, to lasting weeks. Exacerbation of joint movement, repetitive motions, emotional stress, and other factors can re-trigger the problem.

British and American studies reinforce these facts. Acupuncture reduces pain levels thru direct stimulation of the nerves which in turn change the quality of signaling the nerve cells. Furthermore, endorphins, naturally occurring substances, block pain perception by the brain, and other biological actions take place. Muscle spasm is reduced. Clicking stops by relaxing lateral pterygoid muscles; lessening pressure on the anterior displaces force put upon the meniscus of the temporomandibular joint. Needles are inserted in areas of pain. Distal points may also be employed.

Facial Tics, known as tardive dyskinesia (TD) are also greatly relieved by receiving Traditional Acupuncture. TD is a disorder of uncontrollable muscle spasm in the face, torso and/or other body parts. Facial tics are generally viewed as a nuisance and not derivative of other major disorders by Western medicine. In East Asian Medicine that view is not held. Al unnatural movements of the body, emotions, and mind are symptomatic of 'something' energetically and/or biologically occurring. East Asian Medicine would also evaluate that TD is an off-shoot of Kidney Meridian and Kidney Organ Functions malfunction or harboring 'energetic' weakness. Such weaknesses left untreated will develop into 'conditions' then 'diseases', The body and mind are always recording everything that goes on it and around it.

Bell's Palsy is a condition of muscular weakness or paralysis on one side of the face. In some cases, the nerves on both sides of the face become afflicted. Ones face tends to droop, or become very stiff on the affected side. Bell's Palsy may occur after a stroke, or a viral infection such as chickenpox and shingles, genital herpes, cold sores, German measles, Cytomegalovirus infections, hand-foot-mouth disease, mumps, respiratory illnesses, and infectious mononucleosis. Other symptoms of this disorder are drooling, taste decline, changes in saliva and tear amount, difficulty making facial expressions, pain around the jaw or behind the ear on the afflicted side, headache, and rapid onset of mild weakness to total paralysis on the troubled side of the face. The diagnosis of the various diseases will require other protocols in addition to using Traditional Acupuncture.

All three disorders - TMJ, Facial Tics and Bell's Palsy - are best served by immediate Facial Acupuncture treatment to reverse the condition.  Facial Acupuncture reduces and/or completely removes pain; it opens the pathways, relaxes facial muscles and the jaw; reduces and/or removes muscular strain and calms the parasympathetic nervous system.

One patient, Rachel Renee remarks, "I have struggled with partial facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy) my entire life. The nerves in my face never worked. After just one Acupuncture treatment with Dr. Wah, I could see my dimple on my lazy side. Her treatments have been truly life-altering for me! Every few weeks is enough to keep my face twitch-free and my self-image a little higher."

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

UsingTraditional Acupuncture Before and After Surgical Trauma

There are a variety of ways to project more positive surgical outcome before surgery, and to speed up recovery after the trauma of surgery. Using Traditional Acupuncture is high on the list. It is safe, efficient, cost-effective and has amazingly fast results. Receiving Acupuncture pre-operative is smart and pro-active. Acupuncture received before surgery: 1) Decreases pain and inflammation. 2) Strengthens immunity. 3) Offers a better surgical outcome. 4) Affords the body to heal more quickly. 5) Decreases wound recovery time.

Acupuncture received after surgery 1) Breaks up scar tissue. 2) Speeds up recovery time. 3) Reduces pain levels. 4) Decreases inflammation, swelling, discoloration and bruising. 5) Improves mobility. 6) Reduces and ends numbness and tingling. 7) Reduces fluid retention and puffiness. 8) Strengthens the body and areas operated upon, a limb, leg, arm, knee or shoulder. 9) Reduces adhesions and scars. 10) Breaks up scar tissue.

Case Report: Photo of BEFORE and AFTER Acupuncture: A female in her mid-thirties had knee surgery a few days before seeing me. She needed to travel by airplane from the East Coast to return home on the West Coast. Her knee and leg had inflammation (her leg was twice the size of her other leg), fluid retention, bruising, discoloration and she was experiencing severe pain.  She could barely walk. She had two days to change her condition in order to make her flight; otherwise, her doctor would forbid flying. She was looking for relief and immediate results.

This photograph shows the before Acupuncture treatment, then after her treatment. The difference is visibly astounding. She had one more treatment the following day and then was able to receive 'the all-clear' from her doctor. 

Our bodies require time to heal after any surgical invasion. For the body, it doesn't matter how insignificantly small a procedure may have been termed, such as wart removal, teeth extraction, or cleaning out scar tissue. 'Going under the knife' triggers a variety of protective, physical responses. Symptoms occur such as 1) Pain -- levels of pain intensity will vary from person to person. Pain can be intense, moderate, or manageable. Pain will be concentrated at the site of the procedure, or travel to distant parts, or encompass the entire body. 2) Inflammation and swelling of soft tissue and/or of organs is a common feature. 3) Skin, soft tissue, redness, discoloration, and bruising occur at the site or encompass larger bodily areas. 4) Scar tissue build-up at the surgical site is inevitable. 5) The inability to move a limb or the area where operated on is a given. The area is tender, stiff, and sore; it mustn't be expressed, cleaning of wounds are surgical-specific. 6) Numbness or tingling is common. This happens with limbs, for expample after a rotator cuff operation. The hands and fingers, usually on one side, will become numb with tingling sensations running from the shoulder into the fingertips. The sensation is uncomfortable and even painful and limits mobility. 7) Weakness is experienced in the area operated upon. If it's a limb, you won't be able to move it, lift it, or make use of it. Everything is dependent on the severity and type of operation, and the condition and constitution of the patient. 8) Fluid retention and puffiness around the operated site are common. 9) Adhesions and scars often form at the surgical site. They impinge free movement, illicit pain, and retard recovery.

Other natural things you can do to assist your healing: 1) Drink water - drinking copious amounts of water helps rid the body of chemical and toxin build-up from surgery and hydrates all cells. 2) Manage your scar with Vitamin enriched oils, such as Vitamin E. 4) Take the Homeopathic Remedy Arnica 30C pre and post-operative. Also, use Hypericum 30C and Arnica Cream for topical areas for bruising and discoloration when permissible. 5) Eat nutritionally enriching foods, and eat 'for your blood type.' The correct nutritional diet will ensure wound recovery time will be lessened. 6) Take a Probiotic, such as yogurt without added sugar. Avoid alcohol. 7) Take Vitamin supplements. 8) Cough often if you were given anesthesia. Anesthesia hampers normal breathing and suppresses the urge to cough. Mucous can build up in your lungs after surgery. One complication after surgery is a collapsed lung. 9) Have outside support to help you thru the initial healing. This is particularly important for all major surgeries and for lesser ones such as laser eye surgery, shoulder or knee surgery.
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Becoming your own advocate of improved health is easy. It is not difficult to take a minute or so each day to boost your immune system and vitalize your organs. Your body has been “defending” itself all your life, with or without your help, and it has generations of quality genes to help it along. What your body owns is natural wisdom. 

When you get a symptom of some ache or pain, a runny nose, tightness in your head or chest, your body is trying to get your attention! It doesn’t mean you are very ill, or damaged, not yet. The subtle energies of the body may not be in order. An ache or pain can be a message from the upper layer, the tendio-muscular-fascia layers, or it may go deeper, to organ energetic activity. If the imbalance has hit your organs, this is more serious; you really haven’t been listening.

All healing is ultimately “self healing”. Why? Because along the way, day in and day out you have a choice to make. The choices you make have led you to today. Perhaps you all ready are a health advocate for yourself. There is still room for fine tuning. Choices are many. You can draw from herbs, homeopathic remedies, food, fasting, juicing, meditation, Yoga, Pilates, exercise, spending time in Nature, Acupuncture, massage, Shiatsu, chiropractic therapy and so forth. Your immune system needs regular vigor and spark. Effective attitudes and treatment strategies ultimately catalyze this spark. 

What do we mean by “healing”? To “fix” something is immediate and usually mechanically based. To “cure” something is to make the problem permanently go away. To “heal” something may or may not involve a fix or a cure, but healing delves into deeper regions of our matrix. Healing can be a change of attitude, a new approach in lifestyle, another way of being in the world. Healing leads to happiness.


1. You are the most important member of your health care team! 
“The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for him or herself.” – John Knowles. Our bodies give us hints all the time – do you listen and respond appropriately? Or are you ignoring the messages? 

2. When Nature Calls, Answer: Symptoms are the body’s signals that something is up, and we better start listening. Often these symptoms are responses the body makes in efforts to deal with stress, strain or infection. When we choose temporary solutions, like “pain killers” which suppress symptoms, or rush to get a quick fix from over the counter medications, and do not address the “root cause” of the ailment, we are actually working against our body instead of with it to promote wellness and healing. Pain is Nature’s way to get your attention that something is out of balance. Headaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, neck pain are reporters. The challenge of any type of pain is to understand what it is saying. Give your pain positive feedback – accept the presenting challenge for positive change. “If you don’t come to terms with your shadow, it will appear in your life as your fate.” – Carl Jung


Undoubtedly, there is a mind-body connection with everything. Emotional and mental states have direct bodily effects and visa-versa. It isn’t always easy to discern which came first. That’s why it is important to TREAT THE WHOLE PERSON. Treating the whole person is the best health strategy. Treating the “whole person” means addressing the body, mind and emotions. They are all interconnected. Emotional and mental states have a direct correlation on bodily effects and the other way around.

3. Seek Inner Wisdom: “Direct you eye inward and you’ll find 1,000 regions in your mind yet undiscovered.” – Henry David Thoreau. Some brain researchers consider the brain as a “filter of perception” not as an organ of perception. Your brain registers all manner of physical changes. When you relax, meditate or contemplate, you open up to your “inner wisdom”. Then you are better able to hear what your inner wisdom is saying to you. Help and answers come in various forms: a therapist, an animal, a book, yourself.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Health: You can become better informed. Find new avenues to help yourself. But NEVER take blame for your disease. Guilt doesn’t help heal you, instead it causes stress. Become informed and take action. There is always some way to approach what you are experiencing. Being unwell can be a wake-up call, a learning tool, a quantum leap towards education and pursuit of a new profession. Nothing in your life happens in a vacuum. Everything means something. Taking action can mean trying another natural therapy. Getting a homeopathic remedy, or an herbal formula, incorporate a new culinary approach appropriate for your condition, exercise and stretching are just some tools for creating a healing path.


1. Take laughter seriously. Laughter releases endorphins into the blood stream, thus relaxing the body. It burns calories and boosts the immune system. Studies indicate people who laugh are healthier and have increased longevity. So lighten up!

2. Relax, Yet Appreciate the “Right Type of Stress”. The Chinese character for “crisis” also means “opportunity” . When your body is giving out signals, when it is trying to get your attention by those little aches and pains, it is an opportunity to do something amazing and simply healing. Notice where you hold stress, do a life check. Don’t let the little things get to you. Head them off in time so they don’t cause “body impact”. Relax and move into purposeful Intention.

3. Self Medicate with Self Esteem: A wonderful exercise to do for self-esteem is write by hand, and then say aloud 5 things you appreciate about yourself. Also say these nice things about yourself in front of a mirror. Begin with: “I appreciate about myself…” Do this exercise daily for 21 days. There is a body-mind connection. If you put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the outside world will mirror this. Low self-esteem leads to lowered immunity, depressions, un-wellness. So SMILE! Endorphins release into your blood stream and boost your immunity!

4. Follow Your Bliss. Do What You Love: Whatever Is Constructive Is Life Giving: Take your passion and make it happen. As long as what you love is helpful to you or others, it is valuable. Take time daily to reflect, meditate, contemplate, and relax. Just BE! The power of “Right Intention” creates. Thoughts create “Stuff”. Right Intention opens doors and makes things happen. Connect with the wide world around you. Commune with Mother Nature, feel her power. Let her work through you. Open to the Universe and all good things. Wear a shield of Wisdom and develop Self-Realization. Only then can we be in the world, but not have the collective negativity impact upon us and crushing us.

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Shiatsu & Acupuncture for the Pregnant Woman

There is a Chinese saying: “Sage within, Kingliness without” This describes the quality which radiates from a pregnant woman, for she is a bridge between Mind, Body, Heaven, Earth and Child. A flow between Mind and Body permits Spirit to openly express and be received. It is innocence without blemish.

When a woman achieves this mystical connection and is open to Heavenly Forces which channel through her body and bring forth new life, a greater power prevails inside her womb. For it is within this seal, the confinement of her womb, that the Creative Principle manifests form. The womb readies itself to develop human life, to house Form and Spirit, and creates, anew, within each moment.
When all elements converge in a smooth, rhythm, it creates greater mental and physical health. Pregnancy is one of the most wondrous, complex and self-affirming experiences which a woman can have. The renewal of life is wondrous, be it human, animal or plant. Even mineral life is wonderful, but as homeo sapiens we marvel at how a baby becomes our mirror.

A woman’s preparation for pregnancy is a great journey. Often times, adequate preparation is often limited or not provided for. Ideally both father and mother lovingly prepare their minds and bodies with health, peace and clarity before conception One year cleansing lifestyle is considered a good preparatory time prior to conception. Ideally both parents are eating a nutritional diet, exercising, and are free of artificial substances, including caffeine, medications, and definitely no nicotine or alcohol are consumed. Having a focus of clarity and receptivity towards welcoming a new life into your world is ideal. When parents have a spiritual practice together, meditate, do Yoga or other calming activities, a bond of Spirit exists.

This is the ideal preparation, but not the norm for most conceptions. However, we can strive towards the goal which draws Harmony, Peace, Balance and Wellness into one’s life, and the life of the coming child. At whatever point a woman is in her pregnancy, she can create healthier conditions for herself and baby.

The art and therapy of Shiatsu and Acupuncture has much to offer towards achieving these ends of greater health for mother and child. Nurturing touch harmonizes and stimulates the organ systems of mother, and consequently baby as they are united. Positive input to the mother enhances fetal life and creates an environment which promotes delivery.
Along with the nervous system, the skin develops from the ectoderm, the outermost of three embryonic skin layers. Taste, smell, hearing, vision and touch as well as teeth and hair all derive from the ectoderm. All external stimuli converge upon the skin. Thusly, the skin may be regarded as an external nervous system.

Developmental beginnings and every experience of the individual’s life are recorded in the cellular memory of our skin and deeper tissues. The skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin continually provides information about its environment both external and internal environments. As the skin develops its sensitivity depends upon the type of stimulation it receives. In prenatal life the skin is the first organ to completely develop. Embryologically, the earliest function to develop is the most fundamental to the body.
In utereo experiences can emotionally affect the fetus later in life. For example, if a pregnant woman is trapped in an elevator and the elevator drops suddenly, the baby may develop a fear of heights. But if the abdomen of the mother is gently massaged, the sensations registered by the fetus create a sense of well being.

Shiatsu and Acupuncture together are excellent therapeutic tools for the pregnant woman. Shiatsu can be given alone, or in combination with an Acupuncture treatment. In the early trimester when a woman can still lie on her stomach, her positioning is prone and supine. As the fetus develops and she can no longer lie upon her stomach, lying on her side and back are the positions chosen.

Gentle Shiatsu is given first, prior to offering Acupuncture as a means for kneading and opening any tightened musculature or compressed vertebrae and other joints. When treatments are received on an on-going basis, once a week or bi-weekly, throughout the pregnancy the health of the mother, and the outcome of an easier vaginal delivery can be assured.

Acupuncture can be given on the back, legs, arms, feet, neck and head, but NOT THE ABDOMEN. When a woman is too enlarged for lying in a prone position, she lies on her side to receive Acupuncture on her back. Then she lies supine, on her back with a bolster under her legs. Points are used distally on arms, legs, feet, neck and head.

  •  Relaxes the musculature and tonus 
  •  Increases blood and lymphatic circulation 
  •  Helps prevent edema 
  •  Stimulates Organ Systems of both mother and child 
  •  Helps decrease or eliminate morning sickness 
  •  Ensures improved circulation to the limbs to help deter varicose veins 
  •  Decreases back pain Resolves stagnant Qi (energy) which guards against pinched nerves 
  •  Decreases foot cramps 
  •  Decreases insomnia 
  •  Promotes a calm disposition 
  •  Calms the Shen (Spirit) – emotional-mental centers of mother & fetus are drawn toward homeostasis 
  •  Makes for easier vaginal delivery

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