Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Becoming your own advocate of improved health is easy. It is not difficult to take a minute or so each day to boost your immune system and vitalize your organs. Your body has been “defending” itself all your life, with or without your help, and it has generations of quality genes to help it along. What your body owns is natural wisdom. 

When you get a symptom of some ache or pain, a runny nose, tightness in your head or chest, your body is trying to get your attention! It doesn’t mean you are very ill, or damaged, not yet. The subtle energies of the body may not be in order. An ache or pain can be a message from the upper layer, the tendio-muscular-fascia layers, or it may go deeper, to organ energetic activity. If the imbalance has hit your organs, this is more serious; you really haven’t been listening.

All healing is ultimately “self healing”. Why? Because along the way, day in and day out you have a choice to make. The choices you make have led you to today. Perhaps you all ready are a health advocate for yourself. There is still room for fine tuning. Choices are many. You can draw from herbs, homeopathic remedies, food, fasting, juicing, meditation, Yoga, Pilates, exercise, spending time in Nature, Acupuncture, massage, Shiatsu, chiropractic therapy and so forth. Your immune system needs regular vigor and spark. Effective attitudes and treatment strategies ultimately catalyze this spark. 

What do we mean by “healing”? To “fix” something is immediate and usually mechanically based. To “cure” something is to make the problem permanently go away. To “heal” something may or may not involve a fix or a cure, but healing delves into deeper regions of our matrix. Healing can be a change of attitude, a new approach in lifestyle, another way of being in the world. Healing leads to happiness.


1. You are the most important member of your health care team! 
“The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for him or herself.” – John Knowles. Our bodies give us hints all the time – do you listen and respond appropriately? Or are you ignoring the messages? 

2. When Nature Calls, Answer: Symptoms are the body’s signals that something is up, and we better start listening. Often these symptoms are responses the body makes in efforts to deal with stress, strain or infection. When we choose temporary solutions, like “pain killers” which suppress symptoms, or rush to get a quick fix from over the counter medications, and do not address the “root cause” of the ailment, we are actually working against our body instead of with it to promote wellness and healing. Pain is Nature’s way to get your attention that something is out of balance. Headaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, neck pain are reporters. The challenge of any type of pain is to understand what it is saying. Give your pain positive feedback – accept the presenting challenge for positive change. “If you don’t come to terms with your shadow, it will appear in your life as your fate.” – Carl Jung


Undoubtedly, there is a mind-body connection with everything. Emotional and mental states have direct bodily effects and visa-versa. It isn’t always easy to discern which came first. That’s why it is important to TREAT THE WHOLE PERSON. Treating the whole person is the best health strategy. Treating the “whole person” means addressing the body, mind and emotions. They are all interconnected. Emotional and mental states have a direct correlation on bodily effects and the other way around.

3. Seek Inner Wisdom: “Direct you eye inward and you’ll find 1,000 regions in your mind yet undiscovered.” – Henry David Thoreau. Some brain researchers consider the brain as a “filter of perception” not as an organ of perception. Your brain registers all manner of physical changes. When you relax, meditate or contemplate, you open up to your “inner wisdom”. Then you are better able to hear what your inner wisdom is saying to you. Help and answers come in various forms: a therapist, an animal, a book, yourself.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Health: You can become better informed. Find new avenues to help yourself. But NEVER take blame for your disease. Guilt doesn’t help heal you, instead it causes stress. Become informed and take action. There is always some way to approach what you are experiencing. Being unwell can be a wake-up call, a learning tool, a quantum leap towards education and pursuit of a new profession. Nothing in your life happens in a vacuum. Everything means something. Taking action can mean trying another natural therapy. Getting a homeopathic remedy, or an herbal formula, incorporate a new culinary approach appropriate for your condition, exercise and stretching are just some tools for creating a healing path.


1. Take laughter seriously. Laughter releases endorphins into the blood stream, thus relaxing the body. It burns calories and boosts the immune system. Studies indicate people who laugh are healthier and have increased longevity. So lighten up!

2. Relax, Yet Appreciate the “Right Type of Stress”. The Chinese character for “crisis” also means “opportunity” . When your body is giving out signals, when it is trying to get your attention by those little aches and pains, it is an opportunity to do something amazing and simply healing. Notice where you hold stress, do a life check. Don’t let the little things get to you. Head them off in time so they don’t cause “body impact”. Relax and move into purposeful Intention.

3. Self Medicate with Self Esteem: A wonderful exercise to do for self-esteem is write by hand, and then say aloud 5 things you appreciate about yourself. Also say these nice things about yourself in front of a mirror. Begin with: “I appreciate about myself…” Do this exercise daily for 21 days. There is a body-mind connection. If you put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the outside world will mirror this. Low self-esteem leads to lowered immunity, depressions, un-wellness. So SMILE! Endorphins release into your blood stream and boost your immunity!

4. Follow Your Bliss. Do What You Love: Whatever Is Constructive Is Life Giving: Take your passion and make it happen. As long as what you love is helpful to you or others, it is valuable. Take time daily to reflect, meditate, contemplate, and relax. Just BE! The power of “Right Intention” creates. Thoughts create “Stuff”. Right Intention opens doors and makes things happen. Connect with the wide world around you. Commune with Mother Nature, feel her power. Let her work through you. Open to the Universe and all good things. Wear a shield of Wisdom and develop Self-Realization. Only then can we be in the world, but not have the collective negativity impact upon us and crushing us.

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