Friday, February 5, 2021


Traditional Acupuncture is used for a myriad of health concerns ranging from upset stomach,  back pain,  anxiety,  headaches,  female concerns to remedial help with pre and post-operative procedures,  pre and post-natal care, and end-stage diseases.

But what Acupuncture highlights is enhancing immunityIt brings all the bodily systems into a synchronized, well-functioning activity. If you are off-balance, you move towards a balanced state. If you already have achieved your optimal health,  you maintain it. 

A WELLNESS VISIT preserves, improves, and heightens good health levels.  It's like brushing your teeth.  Traditional Acupuncture aids our immunity.  It is important to maintain qualities of good health.  It's a pro-active call that is true and tested by ancient wisdom and scientific documentation. 

Acupuncture administered by a highly qualified practitioner who truly understands the inter-dynamics of the body-mind-emotion component is receiving 'strong medicine '. It is a strong medicine that is pro-active and immunity enhancing.