Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Promising new research from Harvard Medical School-led study suggests acupuncture holds a potentially critical role in affecting the inflammatory process that leads to COVID-19. Their study finds relevance in offering Acupuncture as a tool for mitigating the 'cytokine storm' COVOD-19 releases. A cytokine storm is an excessive, often uncontrollable immune reaction involving pro-inflammatory cytokines – small proteins that are critical to cell signaling and immune-modulation. In some COVID-19 patients this immune overreaction is severe and in other cases, it has been fatal.

Neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School have discovered that Acupuncture activates signaling pathways that influence the inflammatory response. “The revelation of somatotopic organization and intensity dependency in driving distinct autonomic pathways could form a road map for optimizing stimulation parameters to improve both efficacy and safety in using acupuncture as a therapeutic modality.” This was a statement released by the team of Harvard neuroscience researchers. The researchers used a mouse model and found mice with bacterially induced systemic inflammation who received electro-acupuncture showed increases in either anti-inflammation or pro-inflammation markers, depending upon the location, intensity, and timing of treatment delivery.

Without a doubt, traditional Acupuncture supports a healthy and healthier immune system and overall bodily function. It's used to help cancer patients at facilities that combine treatment modalities. This centuries-old healing method repeatedly proves its mettle through studies, observation, and usage. Now it can be a modality to address the cytokine storm!