Thursday, November 18, 2021


One technique that comes from traditional Shiatsu Therapy is the practice of walking on the patient's backside.   Walking on the backside creates a natural stretching exercise for both spine and connective tissue which is often compressed, tight, and misaligned.  The technique is a balancing act that demands finesse.   In Japan, some therapists use a parasol for balancing in the same way a tight rope walker does.

While the patient lies prone upon a mat on the floor, the therapist skillfully steps on the buttocks and back. One must take care never to crush the recipient!  Therefore guidelines are mandatory. 

The first is sizing.  The patient whether a male or female, must not be slighter,  thinner, or smaller than the practitioner for full weight-bearing.  It is preferable that they are of equal weight and build, or the patient should be larger and heavier than the therapist.   If the patient is a slight build then the therapist may apply only one foot to the back rather than both feet.  One foot is also used for massaging the shoulders, arms, and hands.

Secondly, one never steps on the area where the kidneys are located, or on the neck, or upon a very frail person, or on a pregnant woman even in her early trimester.  This rule applies to whether or not a patient is recovering from an operation or accident, and too if this technique would trigger PTSD.  Don't walk on their back!  Common sense must be applied.

The third rule is never to jump on the recipient.  Only carefully placed footing on safe backside areas are to be used in a rhythmic and gentle manner.

Lastly, one follows the patient's comfort zone.  It is important that the patient is able to breathe easily and not be encumbered.   Do not overuse this technique or apply it longer than the patient is able to receive this technique.   It is not suitable for everyone, nor is every therapist skilled in the technique. 

Little children make enthusiastic and natural walking on the back therapists when shown how to do it correctly.   Their light weight is sufficient to give some relief to a backside that is weary and tense.  Children find it great fun and it is a wholesome family activity to share together. 

Friday, April 2, 2021


We're ever so excited to move from winter chilliness with its snowstorms, colds, and flu, into deliciously warm days of spring.  As we do so it is important to keep in mind that the seasons affect our physiology,  consequently, it's important to address these effects as we throw off our winter coats.

'Spring ' in Asian Medicine relates to the predominant energetic and organic activities of Liver Energy and its organ companion, Gall Bladder Energy.  Liver Energy rules the smooth regulation of bodily activities to maintain evenness and harmony,  including emotional harmony.  It addresses the smooth circulation of Qi and Blood activity, as well as Meridian activity and the activities of all organ systems. 

As pollen becomes profuse at this junction,  it's helpful to improve Qi and Blood circulation and fortify our immune system with appropriate nutrition,  lifestyle protocols, and  Traditional Acupuncture.  Taking proactive measures will not only harmonize mind and body but eases the ill effects of seasonal allergies, mold, asthma,  flu, Rhinovirus,  and Lyme disease. 

Allergies with sneezing and wheezing strike as flower pollens and new leaf growth develop, springtime showers promote mold growth indoors and out; asthmatic reactions are triggered by pollen,  temperature fluctuations,  fertilizers, insect repellents outdoors,  and dust and cleaning products indoors: Rhinovirus peaks in the spring; flu continues year-round; and Lyme disease predominates as temperatures rise above 35 degrees F.

What can we do? Act proactively!

A round of Acupuncture treatments fortifies the entire bodily systems,  jump-starts positive health change, and target particular weaknesses, such as a sluggish gut and bowel tract. Drinking ample amounts of water,  and refraining from inflammatory foods such as coffee, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods,  dairy,  red meat, additives, refined sugar,  and junk foods is imperative for cleaning our system.  Receiving a spinal adjustment opens connecting nerves and organs.

Emotionally springtime connotates opportunity.  Spring heralds an opportunity to improve our health and renew our life

Friday, February 5, 2021


Traditional Acupuncture is used for a myriad of health concerns ranging from upset stomach,  back pain,  anxiety,  headaches,  female concerns to remedial help with pre and post-operative procedures,  pre and post-natal care, and end-stage diseases.

But what Acupuncture highlights is enhancing immunityIt brings all the bodily systems into a synchronized, well-functioning activity. If you are off-balance, you move towards a balanced state. If you already have achieved your optimal health,  you maintain it. 

A WELLNESS VISIT preserves, improves, and heightens good health levels.  It's like brushing your teeth.  Traditional Acupuncture aids our immunity.  It is important to maintain qualities of good health.  It's a pro-active call that is true and tested by ancient wisdom and scientific documentation. 

Acupuncture administered by a highly qualified practitioner who truly understands the inter-dynamics of the body-mind-emotion component is receiving 'strong medicine '. It is a strong medicine that is pro-active and immunity enhancing. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Promising new research from Harvard Medical School-led study suggests acupuncture holds a potentially critical role in affecting the inflammatory process that leads to COVID-19. Their study finds relevance in offering Acupuncture as a tool for mitigating the 'cytokine storm' COVOD-19 releases. A cytokine storm is an excessive, often uncontrollable immune reaction involving pro-inflammatory cytokines – small proteins that are critical to cell signaling and immune-modulation. In some COVID-19 patients this immune overreaction is severe and in other cases, it has been fatal.

Neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School have discovered that Acupuncture activates signaling pathways that influence the inflammatory response. “The revelation of somatotopic organization and intensity dependency in driving distinct autonomic pathways could form a road map for optimizing stimulation parameters to improve both efficacy and safety in using acupuncture as a therapeutic modality.” This was a statement released by the team of Harvard neuroscience researchers. The researchers used a mouse model and found mice with bacterially induced systemic inflammation who received electro-acupuncture showed increases in either anti-inflammation or pro-inflammation markers, depending upon the location, intensity, and timing of treatment delivery.

Without a doubt, traditional Acupuncture supports a healthy and healthier immune system and overall bodily function. It's used to help cancer patients at facilities that combine treatment modalities. This centuries-old healing method repeatedly proves its mettle through studies, observation, and usage. Now it can be a modality to address the cytokine storm! 

Thursday, November 19, 2020



In the 21st century, we are familiar and more likely to accept scientific evidence and commonly held standards that our health is a body-mind-emotion connection. Science has repeatedly proven by experimentation and studies this knowledge known to the ancients long ago.

It is a simple fact: un-wellness and disease result from disharmony in our thoughts and emotions. Strong impact comes as we are pushed over the edge by anger, fear, melancholy/sadness, excessive excitement, and grief. All emotions are correlated to organ functions and their psychological aspects. Any emotions in excess easily lead to disharmony of bodily function. Thoughts that race around like mice on a treadmill creates disharmony in bodily function. Few of us remain 'mindfully' in the present moment. We either dwell upon past deeds and feelings or think worrisomely about future happenings.

Un-wellness and disease happens either by external causes seemingly beyond our control such as getting stung by a bee, or tripping down the stairs and spraining our ankle, or getting hit by a car while riding our bike; or by internal causes such as suffering heartburn, getting stomach ulcers, having a heart attack, or losing our hearing. Exogenous or endogenous factors create unhealthy bodies.

Whenever someone is confronted with getting surgery, things are already out of balance. The situation is extreme. Along the way our body was giving us signals of how it was doing but we were ignoring them. Our emotions were telling us, and our thoughts, but these were pushed aside.

True health is soundness of body and mind, and Happiness of Spirit

Consequently, we might well reflect and notice that the majority of the world's population is very unhealthy. But we can shift this paradigm for ourselves. By example, we can help others.

What can we do to help ourselves? A plethora of books, classes, videos, and trainings are available to many of us. The simple way to begin is to STOP! Sit down, and take a hard look at what is happening to you.

Write down what you think is happening to you. Explain the 'whys' – and if you are blaming outside factors or people for your dilemma, try again.

We're all responsible for our bodies and our health. We're responsible for the emotions we express and the thoughts we think. This is something we may not want to accept. If you complain constantly about your life and other people and blame them for your condition, reevaluate again.

For starters, change your thought patterns which wire your brain. Saying positive affirmations a minimum of 15 minutes per day for 1 month will rewire your brain. Louise Hays was a great pioneer in this field. Work with this. You can also use tonal sounds that are very high-frequency vibrations that impact the body-mind-emotions for positive healing. One of my favorite YouTube offerings is Meditative Mind. Select the ones that are appropriate for your current needs. Listen to them daily particularly as you go to sleep. Affirmations can also be listened to while sleeping. They will work towards your healing. Other helpful tools are the correct Homeopathic Remedies, Meditation and Contemplation, Mindful Walking, Deep Breathing Techniques, and Prayer. You can make significant changes in your health. It starts with a willing and open mind. Change is possible right up to the last breath!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Multi-Dimensional Acupuncture for Emotional Oppression COVID-19

The harsh realities forced upon us with the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic runs the gamete from distressing to utterly intolerable. If you find yourself suffering from emotional oppression due to the restraints COVID-19 places upon you because you are isolated from your family, friends, and the usual activities you once engaged with; if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, fearful, or just plain angry, receiving a Multi-Dimensional Acupuncture Treatment can significantly help to shift your paradigm. Such a treatment no only brings you relief and resolution from tumultuous emotions, but it also offers you greater clarity and empowering choices that free you from crushing negative dimensions. The continuance of harboring negative emotions erodes the body, mind, and Spirit. Compounded negative emotions lead one to become unwell, or contract and illness.

Traditional Acupuncture is functionally many-layered. The first effect is its energetic quality. The Physical Plane of Acupuncture brings balance to your Meridians (energetic channels) and Organs (physical organs and their 'Energetic Properties'). By addressing, on the one hand, aches and pains, injuries and strains your physical body is undergoing, it deals with muscles, bones, blood, and organs, etc.

We can call this the 3rd Dimension: Physicality. This layer deals with biological functions and traumas as well as pathological shifts in the body associated with our biochemistry. Allopathic, Western medicine concentrates on the 3D level with its emphasis on drugs and surgery.

Acupuncture advances further healing by promoting a true sense of improved 'well-being.' This is achieved by initially calming the parasympathetic nervous system. Thus if aids harmonizing the higher dimensions of your personhood: your mind-psyche and your consciousness.

When we deal with our minds and psyches, both individually and collectively, we enter our collective consciousness. This is the 4th Dimension: Realm of the Mind. We all are connected and absorb the mental-emotional impressions of others, as well as of those from our ancestors. Currently, it has become illusory and manipulated by present lifestyles and the media of fear-based experiences and polarized thinking, when it could become a gateway towards expanding our individual and collective consciousness. If we want to live fruitful lives and become effective human beings, it is imperative that we transform our negative emotions: depression, fear, anxiety, anger, and stress into feelings and actions of happiness, hopefulness, compassion, and creativity.

Our ability to go forward solving the daily challenges in our lives and helping move the collective consciousness to a higher level is a noble goal. We're all connected. In this pandemic, we all are at risk. Yet we have the opportunity to make something better from the restrictions we are faced with. It is an opportunity to examine our individual lives and to become a more resilient and positive voice in our communities and the world at large.

Staying at home brings things up for us. Many are impatient, frustrated, and want to lash out.  If you lean on others for your identity, you are given the choice now to find new depths in yourself. The energy that gets pent-up requires positive outlet and direction. Self-discovery, finding ways to evoke your natural creative abilities, is another gift we can accept. There is also the need to be freed from 4D entrapments; old emotional traumas; cutting bonds from past relationships which are limiting and /or toxic; transforming negative thought/action patterns; learning how to practice self-love in a healthy way.

As a footnote, if you are a victim of abuse and this is heightened by isolation, other venues for immediate help are pertinent. It also makes it glaringly clear the cycle needs to be broken.

The 5D Fifth Dimension level evokes the Spirit. This encompasses our Heart, not only the physical hearts, but those qualities which are empathetic, compassionate, caring, and connected to Greater Life. Many find themselves our of sync with the awareness of Spirit in their daily lives. Living 'without heart' leads to distorted self-analysis and distorted world views. A damaged Spirit adds to the collection of many who are damaged.

The real thrust of a powerful Acupuncture session is the metaphysical aspect. When one's body is out of sorts, the heart gets heavy, our Spirit falters. Both a metaphysician and doctor of Asian Medicine, I am greatly concerned with helping my patients achieve integration and healing. Firstly we strive to balance the physical malfunctions; next, we aim to bring you into a 'centering of Spirit.'

If you are struggling with emotional oppression triggered and elevated by COVID-19, then a Multi-Dimensional Acupuncture Treatment can be the experience you require to make the quantum leap. Balancing Body/Mind/Emotions liberates us to live with Spirit and enjoy a frutful life no matter what circumstances. "There is always Hope. Never give up." -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

For more information on healing and acupuncture, please visit my website at:

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Notice and Update on COVID-19

This is a message to our patients and those of you who are interested in services offered at Healing Wisdom. As events continue with the COVID-19 we wish to extend our heartfelt wishes that you and your loved ones are safe and remain free from infection and that you are finding creative ways to live each day. Learning to remain centered is vital for us all as stress lowers our immune system which makes us vulnerable to illness.

My office is officially listed as “life-enhancing” – my practice is available to those who wish to pursue Traditional Acupuncture and related therapies as a viable means for immune system support. However, if you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, please do not come at this time for the safety of others.

To safeguard your protection, particular measures are reinforced:

  1. The patient is requested to remain in their vehicle until telephoned to enter the office. When called, come directly to the treatment room, you will be met.
  2. Please wear a face mask. The governor has requested that everyone wear one when going outdoors. Either use gloves or a clean paper towel to open the door.
  3. The room is sanitized for every treatment, prior to treatment and in-between treatments; the practitioner wears disposable gloves and a face mask for every patient.
  4. You are encouraged to void your bladder and intestines at home prior to your visit to reduce or eliminate the use of the public toilet at the office. The office cleans and disaffects the bathroom regularly.
  5. Returning home, follow these procedures for safety: please remove your shoes, preferably outside for sunlight cleaning, and remove your clothes indoors, preferably in your vestibule. Wash your garments and immediately shower and wash your hair. You should do this whenever you venture out in a public place.
  6. For your safety, the treatment room is routinely cleansed by an ultra-violet lamp.

May this historic world event pass soon and may we all learn great lessons from its presence. May we move forward towards greater health and equality for all beings on this planet. Namaste.

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