Thursday, November 19, 2020



In the 21st century, we are familiar and more likely to accept scientific evidence and commonly held standards that our health is a body-mind-emotion connection. Science has repeatedly proven by experimentation and studies this knowledge known to the ancients long ago.

It is a simple fact: un-wellness and disease result from disharmony in our thoughts and emotions. Strong impact comes as we are pushed over the edge by anger, fear, melancholy/sadness, excessive excitement, and grief. All emotions are correlated to organ functions and their psychological aspects. Any emotions in excess easily lead to disharmony of bodily function. Thoughts that race around like mice on a treadmill creates disharmony in bodily function. Few of us remain 'mindfully' in the present moment. We either dwell upon past deeds and feelings or think worrisomely about future happenings.

Un-wellness and disease happens either by external causes seemingly beyond our control such as getting stung by a bee, or tripping down the stairs and spraining our ankle, or getting hit by a car while riding our bike; or by internal causes such as suffering heartburn, getting stomach ulcers, having a heart attack, or losing our hearing. Exogenous or endogenous factors create unhealthy bodies.

Whenever someone is confronted with getting surgery, things are already out of balance. The situation is extreme. Along the way our body was giving us signals of how it was doing but we were ignoring them. Our emotions were telling us, and our thoughts, but these were pushed aside.

True health is soundness of body and mind, and Happiness of Spirit

Consequently, we might well reflect and notice that the majority of the world's population is very unhealthy. But we can shift this paradigm for ourselves. By example, we can help others.

What can we do to help ourselves? A plethora of books, classes, videos, and trainings are available to many of us. The simple way to begin is to STOP! Sit down, and take a hard look at what is happening to you.

Write down what you think is happening to you. Explain the 'whys' – and if you are blaming outside factors or people for your dilemma, try again.

We're all responsible for our bodies and our health. We're responsible for the emotions we express and the thoughts we think. This is something we may not want to accept. If you complain constantly about your life and other people and blame them for your condition, reevaluate again.

For starters, change your thought patterns which wire your brain. Saying positive affirmations a minimum of 15 minutes per day for 1 month will rewire your brain. Louise Hays was a great pioneer in this field. Work with this. You can also use tonal sounds that are very high-frequency vibrations that impact the body-mind-emotions for positive healing. One of my favorite YouTube offerings is Meditative Mind. Select the ones that are appropriate for your current needs. Listen to them daily particularly as you go to sleep. Affirmations can also be listened to while sleeping. They will work towards your healing. Other helpful tools are the correct Homeopathic Remedies, Meditation and Contemplation, Mindful Walking, Deep Breathing Techniques, and Prayer. You can make significant changes in your health. It starts with a willing and open mind. Change is possible right up to the last breath!