Thursday, July 16, 2020

Multi-Dimensional Acupuncture for Emotional Oppression COVID-19

The harsh realities forced upon us with the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic runs the gamete from distressing to utterly intolerable. If you find yourself suffering from emotional oppression due to the restraints COVID-19 places upon you because you are isolated from your family, friends, and the usual activities you once engaged with; if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, fearful, or just plain angry, receiving a Multi-Dimensional Acupuncture Treatment can significantly help to shift your paradigm. Such a treatment no only brings you relief and resolution from tumultuous emotions, but it also offers you greater clarity and empowering choices that free you from crushing negative dimensions. The continuance of harboring negative emotions erodes the body, mind, and Spirit. Compounded negative emotions lead one to become unwell, or contract and illness.

Traditional Acupuncture is functionally many-layered. The first effect is its energetic quality. The Physical Plane of Acupuncture brings balance to your Meridians (energetic channels) and Organs (physical organs and their 'Energetic Properties'). By addressing, on the one hand, aches and pains, injuries and strains your physical body is undergoing, it deals with muscles, bones, blood, and organs, etc.

We can call this the 3rd Dimension: Physicality. This layer deals with biological functions and traumas as well as pathological shifts in the body associated with our biochemistry. Allopathic, Western medicine concentrates on the 3D level with its emphasis on drugs and surgery.

Acupuncture advances further healing by promoting a true sense of improved 'well-being.' This is achieved by initially calming the parasympathetic nervous system. Thus if aids harmonizing the higher dimensions of your personhood: your mind-psyche and your consciousness.

When we deal with our minds and psyches, both individually and collectively, we enter our collective consciousness. This is the 4th Dimension: Realm of the Mind. We all are connected and absorb the mental-emotional impressions of others, as well as of those from our ancestors. Currently, it has become illusory and manipulated by present lifestyles and the media of fear-based experiences and polarized thinking, when it could become a gateway towards expanding our individual and collective consciousness. If we want to live fruitful lives and become effective human beings, it is imperative that we transform our negative emotions: depression, fear, anxiety, anger, and stress into feelings and actions of happiness, hopefulness, compassion, and creativity.

Our ability to go forward solving the daily challenges in our lives and helping move the collective consciousness to a higher level is a noble goal. We're all connected. In this pandemic, we all are at risk. Yet we have the opportunity to make something better from the restrictions we are faced with. It is an opportunity to examine our individual lives and to become a more resilient and positive voice in our communities and the world at large.

Staying at home brings things up for us. Many are impatient, frustrated, and want to lash out.  If you lean on others for your identity, you are given the choice now to find new depths in yourself. The energy that gets pent-up requires positive outlet and direction. Self-discovery, finding ways to evoke your natural creative abilities, is another gift we can accept. There is also the need to be freed from 4D entrapments; old emotional traumas; cutting bonds from past relationships which are limiting and /or toxic; transforming negative thought/action patterns; learning how to practice self-love in a healthy way.

As a footnote, if you are a victim of abuse and this is heightened by isolation, other venues for immediate help are pertinent. It also makes it glaringly clear the cycle needs to be broken.

The 5D Fifth Dimension level evokes the Spirit. This encompasses our Heart, not only the physical hearts, but those qualities which are empathetic, compassionate, caring, and connected to Greater Life. Many find themselves our of sync with the awareness of Spirit in their daily lives. Living 'without heart' leads to distorted self-analysis and distorted world views. A damaged Spirit adds to the collection of many who are damaged.

The real thrust of a powerful Acupuncture session is the metaphysical aspect. When one's body is out of sorts, the heart gets heavy, our Spirit falters. Both a metaphysician and doctor of Asian Medicine, I am greatly concerned with helping my patients achieve integration and healing. Firstly we strive to balance the physical malfunctions; next, we aim to bring you into a 'centering of Spirit.'

If you are struggling with emotional oppression triggered and elevated by COVID-19, then a Multi-Dimensional Acupuncture Treatment can be the experience you require to make the quantum leap. Balancing Body/Mind/Emotions liberates us to live with Spirit and enjoy a frutful life no matter what circumstances. "There is always Hope. Never give up." -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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